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These are nails I did a couple of weeks ago.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this v tip and silver holo ruffian design.
Polishes Used:
Milani- Dude Blue & Pink Hottie 
Urban Outfitters- Silver Holo
My cartoon heart tips washed off :( redid the nails with a #ValentinesDay appropriate leopard print design.  @milanicosmetics White on the Spot is my favorite white creme polish, especially bcuz I only need to use one coat
Did me some #ValentinesDay nails! Inspired by my new nail shape I decided to do done cartoon heart tips. I used red paint for the hearts, so easy to work with but when it dried it got cracks in it. Hmmmmm what did I do wrong?
#Layla Flash Black and some @bornprettystore studs.  I’m officially on a mission to have all the linear holos!!! They’re so pretty, shout out to my boo @prettyproject for blessing me with this sexiness ;)
Officially my favorite peach polish in the whole wide world @chinaglazeofficial Peachy Keen. Thank you @shorty_mcfly for sending this beauty my way ;) the glitter is @chinaglazeofficial Angel Wings #love
Today on my blog #FantasyFire over @milanicosmetics Deep Thoughts…check it out here
Then and Now Challenge Week 4!My inspiration, more photos, and what I used over on my blog.
Candy Cane Print Nails more about these and polishes I used on my blog ;)
Then & Now Week 3Drips and Stripes…more about these on the blog ;)
Then & Now Week 2…more about these nails and the old nail design that inspired it on my blog! 
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A better look at my Then & Now Rainbow Zebra Stripes
Hey boos!  I’m doing another challenge.  It’s a weekly Then & Now challenge that I’m doing with Alice of One Nail To Rule Them All.  You can read more about it on my blog here!
Red & Teal Water Marble Check out my blog for more photos as well as some tips and tricks on how I finally got a successful water marble design on the first try :) What I Used: Sephora by O.P.I My Personal Serpent Wet n Wild French White Creme Wet n Wild megalast I Red A Good Book Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope
Today on the blog, bloody drips over Nails Inc. Disco Lane along with swatches of Nails Inc. The After Party trio.  Read more here!