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Then and Now Challenge Week 4!My inspiration, more photos, and what I used over on my blog.
Then & Now Week 2…more about these nails and the old nail design that inspired it on my blog! 
A better look at my Then & Now Rainbow Zebra Stripes
Rainbow Gradient Saran Wrap and Leopard Print What I Used: Wet n Wild French White Creme Milani Breezy Milani Tropical Fiesta Sally Hansen Hot Yellow Cina Black Nail Art Pen
31 Day Challenge 2.0Day 9:Rainbow Nails- Watercolor Rainbow Roses^More pictures and words from yours truly over on the blog! Go ahead check it out! I don’t bite…all the time ;)
Step 1: Apply your Base Coat, got to protect the babies.Step 2: Apply your Base Color let it dry a bit. Then you’ll apply top coat to protect the color from the acetone you’ll use later. Let that dry completely! Step 3: Place generous (not too much though) small dots of each color in no particular order. You can even change up the color placement with each rose. Work quickly you don’t want it to dry. Step 4: Dip your small brush into the acetone and start mixing the colors. In a dragging motion towards the other colors and the center.  Add more acetone if needed. Step 5: You’ll do step 3 and step 4 until you have the amount of roses you want. For the roses that are cut off you’ll just use about 3 colors instead of all 6. Let this dry completely before moving on. Step 6: Outline your roses, I used a black nail art pen. You can also use a toothpick or the pointy ended dotting tool. Let it dry Then finally, clean up your cuticles and add your topcoat because you’re done ;)
A beautiful sunny morning to take a natural light shot.  My boyfriend said my nails remind him of cupcake frosting with sprinkles lol. Maybe he was just hungry
Day 2: Rainbow Nails