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Then and Now Challenge Week 4!My inspiration, more photos, and what I used over on my blog.
Then & Now Week 2…more about these nails and the old nail design that inspired it on my blog! 
Rainbow Gradient Saran Wrap and Leopard Print What I Used: Wet n Wild French White Creme Milani Breezy Milani Tropical Fiesta Sally Hansen Hot Yellow Cina Black Nail Art Pen
31 Day Challenge 2.0Day 10: Gradient Nails- Neutral Gradient with Red Glitter Zebra Stripes More about these on the blog ;)
Guess who finally got BornPrettyStore Striping Tape?!? This girl right here (points to self) :P These sexy little babies that I heart so much were inspired by one of my maxi dresses that I adore.  Simply bcuz it makes me look all kinds of sexy in it lol ;) Next time I wear it I will redo these nails and be that chick…YUP!!
Hey sexy peoples ;) I’m so horrible with tumbling bcuz I’m so lazy a lot of the time lol.  I update my Instagram, @Starlett_Approved if you want to follow, way way more often, camera phone pics mucho easier to deal with.So I started this tumblr a year ago this month, I can’t recall which day bcuz I jacked my posts up a long time ago.  Due to that I’m picking my birthday :)  unless you know how to find out when I started my tumblr, please let me know  I dub today my 1 year tumblr-versary.  What does that entail? Nail spam….lots of nail posts from me ;) starting with this better quality photo of  THIS MANICURE  Neon nail polish is just…sexy. My gradient definitely could have been better but I literally had to run out the door before I started doing my nails smh
Yippee!!!! I finally got my laptop fixed, NEVER want to deal with that again.  Now I can take better quality pictures!!! Yay Hurrah and such :) Of course my first photo from my digital camera hiatus has to be NEON!!! It’s the right thing to do. My epitome of summer, nail art is the best way to describe this lol. I love these…A LOT, I did them Saturday night and I still have them on, so yeah.  I hope you love them too ;)
 Neon Ikat Gradient….INSANITY!!!  Took forever but I finally did Ikat Nails, whoop whoop! Also utilized The Nailasaurus Gradient Tutorial, AWESOME is all I have to say about the technique. We all know about MrCandiiPants sexy a$$ Ikat Nails!!
Nails I did last week! Nude and Neon (my summer go to) gradient with neon pink leopard print.Laptop still isn’t fix :-(, hence the crappy photo. Too much going on right now with my sons 2nd birthday on Friday and party on Saturday, for me to go get it fixed.
Hey!!!! Long time no new nails, well on tumblr lol.  My laptop is still busted, looks like I’m gonna have to go to Best Buy and make them deal with it…(I don’t want to go all the way over there). So I did these weeks ago, it was actually the last manicure I transfered to my phone before Hurricane Micah got my laptop.  
Nothing special just a gradient with violet crackle on top.  I just love how the crackle fades into the tips (^_^).  Quick shout out to all my followers new and old, luv ya!!!
Happy Birthday to ME!!!! I promised two birthday manicures and here is my official birthday nails.  My laptop and camera aren’t playing nice right now.  I’ll post a better pic and a more detailed post manana.
Purple Glitter Gradient